The 5th Avenue Theatre is actually three buildings joined together with networks of tunnels and passages and idiosyncrasies that no one understands completely. The shop was previously on the third floor, as far from the stage as you could possibly get, and access was so limited that building materials had to be hoisted up to a window with a forklift in the alley.

After several years of working there, I had enough experience with quirks of the space, and I had already worked on the practice rooms adjacent to the 5th Avenue tunnel, so they asked me to build the new shop underneath the stage. The new space, while being more accessible to the stage, has its own limitations. Everything in the shop is either anchored into the wall to create the maximum amount of usable space, or on wheels in order to create the most flexible space, as it is put to use by all departments.

Luke led the crew to implement the design between regular scenic building assignments, and timed major milestones of the renovation so as not to hamper production of those shows.